Civ X 2019-November 28, 2019

Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue, Asia Pacific Hall, 580 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC

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As one of five Area Associations of the UBCM, LMLGA is integrally involved with many UBCM initiatives and is represented on the UBCM executive through its president. 
This role provides a conduit between the LMLGA membership and UBCM policy development. It is also an opportunity for LMLGA to be a voice for the Lower Mainland membership at UBCM so that issues most relevant to our membership are heard, discussed and acted on.
For UBCM’s first half-century the Area Associations as we know them today did not exist, although there were groups of members from different areas who worked together on regional issues. However, LMLGA members were involved in the formation of the UBCM: New Westminster hosted the first Convention, Mayor Keary of New Westminster was the first Secretary Treasurer and the second President and Reeves Ladner (Ladner), Sprott (Burnaby) and Paisley (Chilliwack) were three of the four general Executive members. In addition, 15 LMLGA communities were among the original UBCM members. LMLGA members continue to be actively involved in the direction and operation of UBCM. 

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