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Bowen Island is a natural jewel surrounded by the spectacular beauty of Howe Sound, and an ideal place for those who want to live close to the city–but not in it.

A short ferry ride and a few kilometres from downtown Vancouver, Bowen is home to some 3,700 permanent residents. It’s been a municipality since 1999, and a tight-knit community for decades. Increasingly vibrant, Bowen remains resolutely a sanctuary of nature, peace and safety for Islanders and visitors alike.

A popular place to own a vacation home, Bowen grows by about 1,500 part-time residents in summer, along with thousands of short-term and day visitors. Major attractions? Hiking and walking, kayaking and boating, swimming and picnicking at clean scenic beaches. More and more, new residents and visitors are drawn to the Island’s growing arts, music, artisanal and culinary delights. And, as it has been for over a century, Bowen is ever the perfect place for restorative retreats from city life.

Bowen Island Municipality
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