Civ X 2019-November 28, 2019

Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue, Asia Pacific Hall, 580 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC

2016 Conference Presentations

The following presentations are available as PDFs:

May 11 - Conflict Engagement and Communications - Skills & Tools Workshop

Conversations, from friendly to heated, are the stock and trade of every elected local official. Whether it is with local citizens, individually or in groups, staff, or colleagues around the Board Table our capacity to have productive conversations is a necessary ability to establish and maintain constructive relationships and to successfully engage “conflict” in various settings. This workshop will focus on skills and tools that will help you do just that. The workshop will be interactive and participants will receive take-away materials they can use to hone their skills on an ongoing basis.

Conflict Engagement and Communications

Presented by: Micahel Shoop PhD, Principal at The Shoop Group Consulting Ltd.


May 12 - How Do We Deal with UBER? 

UBER has been in the Lower Mainland and will very likely be back one day. Minister Fassbender is looking for input on UBER (and other tech-based services) from Lower Mainland communities:

In considering the opportunities that these services may provide, it is important that the Province understands any impacts that could result for consumers, host communities and existing service providers. The  cheap replica Panerai watches many people currently providing passenger services in British Columbia have made investments, providing jobs and valuable contributions to the economy. Thought must be given as to how any new services are regulated, recognizing the need to be respectful of existing industry participants while at the same time being fair and equitable to any possible new entrants to these sectors.

How can Lower Mainland communities enable UBER and the associated opportunities that meet changing public expectations, and mitigate the challenges being presented to some? Our experts will present the opportunities and challenges posed by UBER from their perspective, and then we’ll open the conversation to the membership. What input should Lower Mainland communities send to Minister Fassbender?


Presented by: Michael van Hemmen, Public Policy Manager, UBER


May 13 - Homelessness - Addiction and Mental Health

One of the greatest challenges facing our province is the lack of affordable housing.  Historically, society has placed those who are homeless under one umbrella.  But, we now know that this issue needs to be viewed with a wider lens to include mental health and addiction, at the very least.

This session will explore important questions, such as:

  • How do the Charter decisions being made hurt or help local governments?
  • What can the Charter achieve when dealing with mental health and addiction issues in communities? 
  • Should Local Governments join together to create a national solution, as opposed to each community taking on the pressures individually?
  • What do the two rulings from Victoria and Abbotsford mean for us?

Ask your questions! Is low barrier working? Can we have "no loitering" bylaws? Would it be beneficial to ban bottles in curbside pick-up?  If these conversations are just starting in your community, come learn from the experiences of others. Learn what's been done and why it has or hasn’t been successful.

With a Prime Minister who acknowledges the importance of addressing mental health, Lower Mainland local governments can work with FCM for change. Bring your questions and prepare to have a dialogue that’s raw.  Let’s discuss it all!  

Searching for Home: Library Security and Serving Customers Experiencing Homelessness

Presented by: Heather Scoular, Director of Customer Experience, Fraser Valley Regional Library

Housing, Mental Illness, Addiction, Crime: Toward Effective Solutions

Presented by: Dr. Julian Somers, Lead Investigator, Vancouver At Home Project; Principal Investigator, Inter-Ministry Research Initiative; Associate Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences, Simon Fraser University

Legal Powers and Limits Related to Homelessness

Presented by: James Yardley, Lawyer, Murdy & McAllister Barristers & Solicitors

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