AGM & Conference
2015 LMLGA Conference & AGM
Harrison Hot Springs
May 6, 7 & 8

“Planning Today, Protecting Tomorrow”


What happens if there is a natural disaster affecting the majority of, or even the entire, Lower Mainland? Do you know who to call or where to be? Do you have an effective response plan? How does it interface with your neighbouring local governments, the Province and the Federal Government?

Taking care of today and tomorrow is a big job. It’s hard to know where to begin when looking at hazard management and mitigation planning, in addition to climate adaptation and other overwhelming subject matter.

We want you to leave this conference with effective tools and plans that you can work with your staff to implement. When you next think of planning for your community, you’ll know the answers to, “What exactly is my role as an elected official when we’re hit with the big one?” and “What do I need to know regarding our transportation and communication networks?” You will leave the 2015 LMLGA conference knowing what your next steps should be – and lead your community toward a safe and successful future.

If your community is already prepared and taking action, tell us about it so we can share your success! Part of being prepared means working together and encouraging each other to have well thought out and communicated plans in place before we need them.



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The LMLGA is one of the 5 area associations of the UNION OF BC MUNICIPALITIES [UBCM].           

It includes 33 local governments (from Pemberton to Hope) and 3 regional districts: Squamish Lillooet Regional District, Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley Regional District.  

The LMLGA is a non-profit organization whose purposes are:

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  • to promote and advance to UBCM on behalf of the membership, proposed changes in legislation, regulations, or Government policies.

To accomplish its purposes, the LMLGA has an Executive Board and several committees who meet regularly to advance the goals of the Association.


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